Not too many (smart) people will argue that starting with a solid foundation is pretty important if you want whatever it is that you’re building to last.

Having a solid support network is a key ingredient to success.

A solid support network encourages, empathizes, cheers, assists, listens, or does whatever it is that needs to be done. Without questions. Without judging.


Friends should motivate and inspire you

Maybe you can do whatever it is that you’re doing alone. But why would you want to?

When I completed the first week of my “new me” lifestyle back in October, I chose a handful of friends to whom I would be accountable. These friends know my story and the battles I’m currently waging. I know on any given day, and for any given reason, I can reach out and they’ll be there for me. No judging. No questions.

Members of my inner circle know, unless I’m on my death bed, I’m willing to move mountains for them. When I go in, I go all in. We all need to have at least a couple of these types of people in our lives. Who are these people in your life? Even if you’re not currently pursuing a major event in your life, whether it’s healing from a health issue or losing weight, caring for an elderly parent or dealing with a challenging relationship, identify those people who belong in your inner support circle. Nurture those relationships.

What’s the next step? Ask, “In whose life do I play this role?“, and then be there. No judging. No questions.

Who do you inspire?