“Everything is fixable.”

This site shares Sara’s story — or stories, as it will be — with the purpose of inspiring you to take a first step, embracing risk or facing the challenges beating you down or falsely gnawing at you that you aren’t good enough or worthy of greater things.

Its contents are intended to serve as a resource for YOU to reflect upon in your quest to realize that you CAN do it — whether it’s losing weight, becoming more physically fit, stepping outside your comfort zone (and prospering), or whatever.

“Think ahead. How will what worries me today, or tomorrow, affect me five years from now? If it won’t matter then, why should it bother me now?”

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable — especially in front of strangers — isn’t comfortable, but Sara hopes that baring how she has coped with various challenges (sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much) will help at least one person. It may seem that you are the only one traveling down a given path, but be assured you are not alone.

“We all have demons haunting us and crosses to bear, but it’s our choice what to do about it.”


What can you expect to find on this site?

First and foremost, transparency — Sara calls it like she sees it and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Some things may make people blush — or swear, or laugh, or simply think, “Man, I can’t believe she wrote that, but I’m glad she did and it wasn’t me!” She admits she “can be tough to take at times, but it’s all genuine — there’s not an ounce of fake!”

Second, Sara is willing to put herself out there — to be vulnerable even though it makes her cringe inside — because she realizes that there are others out there too afraid to do it. Especially when it comes to her weight loss journey. Posting pictures of “being fat” nearly rips her up inside from embarrassment. “I never thought I wouldn’t be a size 8 forever,” she admits. Sara will share the good, the bad, the ugly and probably a lot of stuff in-between. You’ll learn she has a good heart. And a witty, dry sense of humor.

Third, there will be a lot of recipes and inspirational sayings. And probably stuff shared from other people. Sara likes to share information. A lot.