Abducted: Reconnaissance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops Book 1)

By T.C. Archer

April 28, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5



She came for the fashion show. He came to catch a killer.

The El Paso fashion gala was slated to be the hottest event of the year and a must do if Liz Monahan, the creative brains behind Nina Bruno Designs, was to vault the company to the big time. Circumstances put Liz at the party in one of her own creations, escorted by a young, handsome model hired to show her off to the well-known and well-established. But Liz didn’t count on her date being an undercover Texas Ranger who is investigating a human trafficking ring. She also didn’t count on being kidnapped and trafficked herself.

When Texas Ranger Ben Hunter slips away from Liz Monahan at the gala and begins his investigation, he couldn’t be more surprised to arrive in Juarez, Mexico to find her held captive by infamous human trafficker Carlos Sanchez. In order to save her, Ben must commit murder. Hers.



“Don’t even think about running, honey. You can’t hide from a Texas Ranger.”

Texas Ranger Ben Hunter aka Adam Billings makes this story. He’s hot, sexy and bent on ending a human trafficking ring in Mexico. It just happens that he has fallen for Liz Monahan, a star fashion designer 11 years his senior who ends up getting tangled up in the sting. It leads to a fast-paced amount of criminal activity from chasing down bad guys to kidnappings to gun battles, fires and car chases. I had a hard time keeping up with it all, including the two FBI agents who only seemed to make things more complicated. Liz didn’t end up being a likable character for me, but I haven’t quite pinned my finger on why that is. She’s a strong character, smart in her own way, sassy and she has a backbone, but dwelling on the age difference with Ben got old (maybe because I’m in her age bracket and wouldn’t flinch at the thought of an 11-year age difference?).  There was a lot of action. I sometimes had a hard time keeping people straight (the secondary-type characters). But the thing that really probably bothered me more than anything was the large amount of proofreading-type errors (i.e. ex-ray versus x-ray is one example, and then on one page it had an 80-inch TV at the Senator’s house and on the next page all of a sudden it’s a 70-inch TV) and general typographical/editing errors. It didn’t change the story in any way, really, but it was quite distracting.

And did I mention Texas Ranger Ben Hunter is hot?


The “huh?” part?

Why don’t authors just get a proofreader? Seriously.


Favorite part?

I need to find me a Texas Ranger like Ben Hunter. LOL!



It’s a fast-paced read, but be prepared to overlook the editing and proofreading stuff.