ARRESTED: A Stepbrother Cop Romance

By Stephanie Brother

May 6, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



He’s a good cop, but a very BAD BOY.

When gorgeous Officer Carlisle pulled me over for speeding, I told him how sorry I was. That didn’t stop him from telling me to step out of the car for a full body search so he could check me for offensive weapons.

I wanted to ask him if a hungry kitty constituted an offensive weapon, because damn, mine just wanted to eat him all up!

Those eyes should have been enough to get him arrested, forget those cheekbones and delicious full lips that stayed serious, even when I was sassing him.

And his hands. When he ran those rough palms against my thighs, I actually moaned.

Then he pulled out his handcuffs and…

Okay, that last bit only happened in my fantasies later that night, and pretty much every night since Officer Carlisle told me what a bad girl I was. I thought I was never going to see him again, then Mom tells me she’s getting engaged to her boyfriend and you guessed it, Officer Carlisle just happens to be my sexy new stepbrother!

That should make me think twice about being a naughty girl, shouldn’t it? Except, now my past is coming back to haunt me and Officer Carlisle might just be the only man who can turn this bad girl good.



College student Allyson is pulled over for speeding as she escapes a party where her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. The young hunk of a police officer who stops Allyson does a search and the two can’t stop thinking about one another following the incident. The officer doesn’t ticket Allyson because he senses she was trying to escape someone or something. Within the week, lo and behold, it turns out that Allyson’s mother is newly engaged – to the cop’s dad! Imagine that. The promise that the two will soon be related by marriage doesn’t quell their mutual attraction, however, and when Allyson’s ex-boyfriend threatens to distribute promiscuous pictures he took while they were going out, she realizes that Officer Carlisle may be her only option for help. When he stops by after work to follow up on her call to him to discuss what’s been happening, one thing leads to another, and…. This book touches on the issue of domestic violence in the college co-ed community. Allyson’s ex-boyfriend refuses to let her go after she wants to break up. What started out as angry behavior and jealousy – and the distribution of the pictures – escalates into a kidnapping.

The cons (or ‘huh?’ parts) for me in this story were the numerous editorial-type errors and the assumptive jump from seeing the handcuffs in the drawer to knowing exactly how to act out the intimate role play scene during the couple’s first sexual encounter (maybe there’s a BDSM manual?)…their chemistry was easy to ascertain, but it seemed easier to embrace that Cory (Officer Carlisle) was indeed a sweet guy deep down from an earlier point in the story than it was for me to assume the same for Allyson. (For me, I started to like her more once the scenes came about with her mom at the dress store and eventual follow-ups at the police station.) I may have wanted the HEA to be a bit more developed since it seemed pretty boom-bam and that’s that. This couple clicks and a bit more relationship-developing would have deepened the story, but then probably this wasn’t meant to be a story to overthink (at least not their personal relationship). I did think the storyline was believable and the author did a good job of broaching the issue of dating violence, Cory was a very likable character (and steamy and dreamy) and that he didn’t automatically judge Allyson for the indiscretion with the pictures was laudable.


The “huh?” part?

I felt Allyson was a bit wishy-washy about guys – here she has this creep Drew who really scares her, yet she trusts Cory and then says “oh, we shouldn’t have done this” after their sexscapade. Really? Cory is the one you SHOULD be trying to keep around!


Favorite part?

Cory, what else? He approaches Allyson at the wedding reception and takes the initiative to be honest about his feelings with Allyson. I was also glad to see that they have a HEA.



Yes, it’s a pretty decent book.