Axl: Sons of Chaos MC

By Riley Rollins

May 3, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



He’ll crush his enemies to protect me, but will he break my heart?


When that rebel biker hunk Axl Archer thundered into my life, he kidnapped my heart with one kiss. Then the bastard Reapers put a hit on me, forcing Axl to bring me into his club—and his bed.

Now we’re on the run, where death and treachery lurk everywhere. He’s dangerous, and his existence threatens everything I love. I shouldn’t want him, but the harder I shove him away, the deeper he slips inside me.


She knocks me out like f*ckin’ morphine. A good girl like Holly is a drug for a broken man like me. But I can’t get that little spitfire outta my mind, so when she needs a bodyguard, I’m there. Until the brutal, bloodsoaked end—unless my love ruins her first.

They don’t know it yet, but the f*ckers coming after her are already dead. I’m gonna make her mine, and no man will ever touch her again. I’m gonna make her drip with desire and then satisfy her, inch by inch. She’s gonna beg for my baby, and nothin’s gonna stop me from putting it inside her.

Even if it means going up against my own club.



Now THIS is a satisfying MC read! If this is the author’s debut novel, I can hardly wait to see what comes next!

First off, Axl is very well written. I became engrossed with both the story and the main characters, Axl and Holly, from the get-go. Even though MC VP Axl is painted as a not-very-nice guy from the start, there is something inherently appealing about his nature, and this isn’t even taking into account his obvious sexy physical attributes. Holly is likable, and her saucy attitude and ability to have a backbone in the face of fear touches a flame to Axl’s fuel. He may want to convince his brothers that he’s following Club code by not letting an innocent suffer, but he is able to admit to himself that what he feels for Holly goes beyond that. This is one consistent element that I really liked about this story – there wasn’t all that nonsensical relationship angst, the “I’m not good enough for you” babble that bogs a story down. Though it was a fast-paced read, Rollins masterfully threads a lot of twists and turns – a few that are totally unexpected! – to make the story solid and memorable. This story was less about the MC than it was about two people who are introduced under less than ideal circumstances, but take the initiative to explore their mutual chemistry (these two sizzle together, but they also talk and there seems to be layers to their relationship, including humor), make some life-changing decisions (should Axl save Holly or stand by his Club?) and tackle the obstacles in their path head-on. Oh, and the final chapter ended on such a high note, I couldn’t help but smile! I count myself among the lucky ones who received an ARC in exchange for providing an honest review.


The “huh?” part?

I had a hard time figuring out who the rider was at the NOMAD compound that morning who ended up kidnapping Holly, especially since it was reiterated that Big Mikey was being extra cautious about who came into the club.

Axl commented that his bank account would suffer from having to pay Mr. Clean to take care of the van outside Holly’s parents’ house, yet in the next to final chapter, it’s said that Axl has all the cash and money he’ll ever need.


Favorite part?

From chapter 43:

We found out that the baby’s gonna be a boy. Didn’t fuckin’ dare say so, but goddamn was I relieved to hear that. Me raise a little girl? Jesus. I’d have a fuckin’ coronary every time she left the house.



Most definitely. One of my most favorite MC reads yet, and the lack of relationship angst and solid storyline wins raves from me.