Bloodlines: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance (The Snake Eyes Series Book 4)

By Tabatha Kiss

June 17, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



I gave her a baby…
and she started a war.


There’s been a decade of peace between our mafia families but one moment of passion could tear the whole damn truce apart.

Sofia asked for my help on the night before her wedding day.
She couldn’t bear the thought of marrying Gio Zappia but they never gave her a choice either.

There was only one thing she could think to do; one thing that would destroy the Zappia family from the inside out.
She asked me for a baby and I couldn’t say no to her.

I haven’t seen her since the wedding. It’s been three years.
Now, I’ve been framed for murder and the only person that can help me is her rotten husband, Gio.

When I arrived at the Zappia estate, I didn’t expect to walk around the corner and see my own eyes staring back at me.

I have a son… and his mother has bruises on her face.

To hell with the truce.
I’m not leaving here without my son.
And I’m taking Sofia with me, too.
No matter what.


I was adopted by the Zappia crime family when I was a child and raised in their household to be the perfect wife for the middle son, Gio.
Betrothed from the age of five. I never even had a choice.

Luka Lutrova has always been kind to me. He was the only man I could trust; the only one that hated the Zappia family as much as I did.
I asked him for a baby and I knew from the moment my son was born that he was his.

It’s been three years. My husband still has no idea and he never will.
If he ever does, we’ll all end up dead.

The second Luka saw our son, he claimed him.
I can’t leave with him. I can’t let our secret get out.

But I can’t help myself around Luka.
He touches me like no man ever has and kisses me like I’m the only woman in the world.

I have to think about my son.
I have to stay away from Luka Lutrova.
No matter what.



Intrigue. Suspense. Romance. Violence. Betrayal. Action. True love.

Bloodlines is a real page-turner. The story captured me from page one. I had not read the previous three books in the series, but it’s a sure bet that I will do that now. Author Tabatha Kiss delivers an extremely well-written contemporary mafia story in Bloodlines that boasts well-developed and believable characters, a compelling plot, and steady and logical flow that keeps the reader anticipating what happens next.

Luka and Sofia may not have spent a lot of time together after an accidental meeting when they were very young, but they sure had an intrinsic connection that brought them together time and again. Luka’s genuine kindness towards Sofia is admirable, and when he returns to the Zappia household to seek assistance in deflecting a murder charge to find that he has a son, he will stop at nothing to save both Sofia and his son from Gio. Luka and Sofia share a sincere and true bond that is only strengthened by the love they share for their son, and their love scenes are tender and sensual. Their emotional connection is almost palpable for the reader. Secondary characters Fox and Sofia’s sister Rosalie add substantive elements to the plot, along with a few surprising twists.

I received a copy of an ARC for Bloodlines in exchange for an honest review.


Lucien. It’s definitely not the light in here and I wasn’t just seeing things earlier. His eyes are bright, enough to make anyone take notice. Sofia and Gio have brown eyes. I’m no geneticist, but I can’t imagine the odds of brown plus brown equaling gray are that high.


“We will go to Chicago,” my father answers, his voice firm. “I will speak to Antony myself. If he cannot see reason…then we will show strength.” His eyes fall on me again. “You love this woman.”

It’s not a question but I answer it anyway. “Yes.”

“I cannot condone what you’ve done, Luka.”

“I know.”

“But I cannot condemn it, either….”

I nod. That’s as close to approval as I’ll ever get. For a second, I see respect and understanding in his eyes. I’ve never thought of my father as an empathetic man but maybe I was wrong.


Favorite part?

Luka. He was just such a strong, steady and true-hearted man.


Yes. It’s a very well written book and a suspenseful page-turner.