Come Again at Dark (Dark Romance Series)

By Lynn Cooper

April 25, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Freedom was always just out of my grasp. At least it was until the summer I turned twenty-one. After fifteen years of living under the rigidly-religious thumb of my granny, I was finally free to pursue any dream. To explore the world and to find Mr. Right. Only eight hours into my independence day, I found myself penniless, alone and stumbling along the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That’s where a dark, handsome stranger found me and offered me a ride. Where I should have said no. Where I should have run screaming in the opposite direction. Where the course of my life was changed forever. My name is Amara Platt. This is my story.

Come Again at Dark is part of the Dark Romance Series. Each book is a standalone with no overlapping characters or cliffhangers. The stories are gritty, sexy and dark with a twist of light.



This dark tale offers a lot of interesting twists and turns and is really a tantalizing read. It may be a novella, but the characters are very well developed and the plot entices the reader to keep wanting to dig (read) a little farther to figure out what’s really going on. Amara escapes and is discovered by the park ranger, who in turn spills the cold hard truth about her captor(s).  The reader, just like Amara, is confronted by a number of half-truths – Slade is really a cardiac surgeon, (Colt) really was searching for someone to choose between Slade and Colt for three months, etc. – but nothing is at it seems. The plot is rather intense, but it’s laid all out in front of the reader, the rug gets pulled out from under letting surprise twists fall where they may, and then the story is tied up seamlessly by the end, quite a feat to pull off successfully in a novella.

Does this one have a HEA? I suppose that’s up to the reader, considering that the heroine has no family or friends (her late religious zealot grandmother never made that possible by the way she ended up raising her) and Slade admits that she “will never leave (here)”. Amara, though, seems to have found what she was looking for – an attractive man who she can love and care for and fulfills her need for light and darkness.



I enjoyed this book, but it does have dark undertones and borders on some sadistic situations.