CROW by A. Zavarelli

March 25, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



An Irish mobster. A missing friend. Two loyalties, ripping me apart.

I had a plan.

Get in, get my information, and get out. Easy, right?

Turns out, infiltrating the Irish mafia isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I just wanted a soldier. Someone I could flirt with to get me in the door.

That’s when Lachlan Crow noticed me. Problem was, he wasn’t a soldier. No, he was next in line for the throne of the Irish underworld. And he was determined to hate me from the outset. My sob story about needing a job? Yeah, he wasn’t buying that either.

Too bad for him, I won’t let anyone get in the way of my mission.

Who cares if we have some kind of crazy chemistry? He’s the worst kind of wrong- and I would never in a million years be with a guy like him.

Because they took her from me, and I’m going to make them pay.



First off, if I could rate this book a nine, I would. Five just doesn’t do it justice. I couldn’t put it down. And even though it ended on a happy note, I wanted there to be more. I can’t even pinpoint what was so addicting: the good writing, the characters, the storyline, all of the above?

Lachlan and Mackenzie just click. They’re both loyal to a fault and this creates internal conflict that threatens to be both of their undoing. They have a true love that’s raw and primal and the sex scenes are delicious. The story is fast-paced with its share of twists and turns, many of which are unexpected.

Though there are some grammar swaps and misused words, the writing is great. Character development – for both the main and supporting characters – was exceptional and the storylines were deep and well-done.

I’m still riding a high from reading it, something I did cover-to-cover in one day. Addicting! I couldn’t get enough.


Favorite part (spoilers):

There are several. When Mack tells Lach to never be with Mandy ever again. When Mackenzie admits being in love to Lachlan during one of his fits of rage. Lachlan’s softness at watching Mack sleep, and how his heart opened when he realized she was a virgin. When Lachlan arrives to save Mack in the cargo hold. When Mack announces she’s pregnant when they sneak off to celebrate at their wedding reception. And, overall, just witnessing their love story unfold.



Hell yes.