Dark Room

By Heidi McLaughlin and L.P. Dover

Review: March 16, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5



The rules of Society X are simple . . . break them and you’re out.

Rule #1 – No names 

It doesn’t matter if you want to know, it’s forbidden.

Rule #2 – No exchanging numbers

It doesn’t matter if you want to call, it’s forbidden.

Rule #3 – Everything is to remain strictly anonymous.

It doesn’t matter if you want to tell, it’s forbidden.

The Dark Room is the only place you can live out your fantasies and no one will ever know it’s you.

For Parker, what started out as a business transaction has turned into an addiction.

For Mia, it’s been a chance to discover who she truly is.

What happens in the dark will have you begging for more . . .



I absolutely loved this book. Loved it. One reason was probably because it was so masterfully written. At the end of every chapter, I just had to continue on. The premise that both the guy and the woman would only want each other – well, especially the guy considering he’s a known player – was far-fetched, but then he’s always loved her since they were kids. Awwww. And to end up hooking up the way they did at SocietyX? It just made me smile. You know it’s coming and that’s how the plot will roll, but it’s still appealing. Magic. Chemistry. Sizzle.


Favorite part: Discovering and enjoying how sweet Parker really is. He does know how to treat a lady right. I just loved how he couldn’t get Mia off his mind and played protector, enjoyed the spaghetti dinner scene (it was just sweet), and grinned when they each figured out who the other was – oh yes. Oh, and the banana exchange in the grocery store – that’s a classic!


The “huh?” part: I thought Tonya was supposed to be fired? And she’s back in his office doing the nasty? How’d she get in there?


Recommend: Yes – it’s a fun story, characters are so relatable and well developed, pretty much upbeat throughout, holds your attention and the writing is excellent. And the sex scenes click – there’s sentiment and affection and that makes it work.