Fighting Downforce

By Ari Thatcher

March 29, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



He was the best part of her week in Italy. Mr. tall, dark, and touch me there. They never even exchanged names.

Then the sexy billionaire shows up at the racetrack hoping to buy half of her stock car team. Alexis needs a co-owner, but the price he’s demanding is too high. Which is more important, the success of her team or its reputation?



Alexis spends a sultry New Year’s Eve banging a hot guy she picks up at a nightclub in Italy. No names. No phone numbers. Imagine her surprise when she returns to the United States and her job at KRM Racing and her mystery man – Noah Spencer – shows up in the pit. Has he been stalking her? No, he’s here to invest in her company to save it from going under. Oh dear.

Before long, the duo has reached an agreement that includes Noah obtaining part ownership of the company AND driving one of the stock cars. He also makes his way back into Alexis’ bed and steals her heart. Alexis is afraid to take their relationship public for fear losing sponsorships and having people question her motives, something that takes center stage after Noah kisses her on national TV after a win. An accident on the track sidelines Noah from racing and convinces Alexis that love takes the checkered flag.

This story is a fast and enjoyable read. Noah does have Alexis’ best interests at heart, even though Alexis may be a bit more stubborn than she needs to be in her effort to please her late father.