Forbidden Heat (The Fireworks Girls Book One)

By J.L. White

April 28, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Don’t Pet the Teacher

They call us the Firework Girls.

I’m Isabella. My comfort zone consists of a bank of test tubes and a Bunsen burner. But having to take a philosophy class to graduate from college—well, that’s causing a different kind of burn altogether. I mean, the hottest professor at Hartman is looking right at me.

Can you blame me for looking back?



If there was ever a couple where the chemistry was palpable, it’s Isabella and Shane. Smokin’!

Heiress Isabella finds herself enamored in lust with her hot young philosophy professor. She battles the “should I or shouldn’t I?” dilemma, but eventually gives in to seducing him. What follows is the build-up to a steamy hot romance laced with genuine friendship, respect, mutual interests and the threat of being caught.

This book read so easily and the character development – both main characters and secondary characters – was thorough and beautifully done. The girls are smart, talented, multi-dimensional and likable, and the two main male characters have strong, endearing personalities, but yet aren’t the typical alpha “hear me roar” males. The storyline wasn’t too over-the-top and it held a lot of realistic elements, such as Isabella’s mother’s health scare, realizing at the eleventh hour that a student is missing mandatory credits to graduate, and the various levels of camaraderie between the roommates (and who else is counting the minutes until Nuclear Heat, the Sam and Jack story, comes out this July?), as well as complementary storylines such as the creepy Justin Kirby and Chloe’s philandering boyfriend. A lot is happening in this book, just as in real life, but White does a seamless job of tying all the plots together and her use of humor sheds even more realism into the mix – you can really imagine these characters talking this way; heck, even hearing them say these things as if you’re right there with them. A plot twist at the end links an element from Isabella’s freshman year smack dab into the conclusion of her college career, and it could ruin everything from her relationship with Shane to Shane’s career and her future academic studies at Harvard. Without spoiling the ending, the HEA was one of the most well-done ones I’ve read.


Favorite part?

I loved, absolutely loved, their weeklong getaway at the cabin in the mountains. Oh, and the HEA – that was simply perfect. Swoon- and sigh-worthy.



Yes. Even though it’s a young adult/college-type romance story, the emphasis isn’t as much on the college environment. College is simply a logistical element for the most part.