Game On

By Katie McCoy

March 22, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Rule of reporting 101– don’t bang your subject.

Sophie Hall has just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime–to profile Nathan Ryder, the hottest baseball player since A-Rod, for her first solo assignment as a reporter. Rumor has it Nathan is going to be drafted to the Major league, and yet he still fits an intense training regime around volunteering at an animal shelter. He’s a prodigy with a heart of gold, as American as apple pie and has an ass that deserves a trophy all its own. He may be the country’s heartthrob, but Sophie isn’t going to fall for that. She just has to remain objective and cover the story.

But she didn’t bet on Nathan’s gorgeous green eyes or the way his arms flex with muscle when he’s holding a bat. And she certainly didn’t think he’d be witty and smart and caring. Nathan is completely untouchable, but she can’t help it if those lingering gazes turn into something more. How could she not fall at the thought of the hottest guy she’s ever met devoting his limited free time to saving kittens?

When Sophie’s scoop turns into Nathan’s scandal, Nathan needs her more than ever. With both of their careers on the line will they strike out – or hit a home run?



Game On is an engaging and beautiful love story.

Nathan turns out to be a doll. A real charming guy. Seriously. One you would want to sweep up and marry.

Sophie is a likable girl screwed out of moving ahead in her career because she doesn’t have a college education…and works with a bunch of chauvinistic pigs.  Her friendship with Mandy, Nathan’s best friend’s girl, is a realistic and heartwarming one. Sophie’s also going through a breakup with her boyfriend who turns out to be a class-one jerk. (Bonus: Nathan inadvertently gets in the middle of a disagreement between the two after an evening out and has her back. Right then and there you know Nathan is a keeper.)

Sophie and Nathan turn out to be a hot couple with real chemistry and you really hope that their relationship works out in the end. It takes a while for their physical relationship to officially combust, but it’s worth the wait.



character development, realistic and well-crafted storylines that are effectively woven together, sensual and sizzling sex scenes, and a to-die-for and blissful happy ending (sign me up!).


Favorite part:

It has to be this line when Sophie is sitting with his family watching the final game of the season:

“Those sexy green eyes burned across the field, focused completely on me, and my ovaries damned near exploded. Holy shit, I loved baseball.”


The “huh?” part:

I really think Nathan would have allowed Sophie to explain why she and Mandy went to visit Becca.



Oh yeah!