Gryff: Steel Phoenix MC

By Amy Love

April 24, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



I’m going to ruin her.
Somebody stole from my club and I’m putting down that son of a b**** for good.
But that was before I met his daughter Beth.

She became a part of my plan and I’ll be damned if she didn’t change everything.

I want to tame her wild curves.
Leave her begging for more.

I was supposed to get out before I got too deep.
But once wasn’t enough.

And I won’t stop until I make her mine.



This was a rather tame MC book compared to the majority I have read, but I must say, I really got attached to Gryff and Beth and almost hated for the book to end. The plot was solid, although the eventual guilty party came from out of the blue. (Did anyone else think that young prof was involved somehow? Or should/could have been?) Gryff and Beth are total opposites, but they do end up bringing out the best in one another and have great chemistry. Their relationship really helps Beth evolve from a shy, meek virgin to a confident young woman. Gryff turns out to be a solid guy – and sexy as He** and hot in the bedroom (kitchen, living room, up against a park bench) – and real relationship material by the end. The first part of the book revolves fairly heavily around their growing relationship and Beth’s introduction to BDSM, and it’s not really until the second half that the plot thickens as it pertains to Gryff’s hunt for the mastermind behind his MC brothers’ murders. By this point, the reader can actually see Beth taking on her own investigation to clear her dad and save him from the wrath of the MC. Beth is also stepping up her game and becoming more confident as both a person and Gryff’s love interest. Amy Love is a good writer and solid storyteller – the story flowed well, covered all the bases (no hanging threads) and kept me reading “just one more chapter” – until it was done.


The “huh?” part?

I was surprised that Gryff would automatically believe that Philip had kidnapped Beth without receiving some sort of proof.


Favorite part?

Beth shares her feelings with Gryff in the hospital after he’s been shot and makes him “say the words”. It was also so heartfelt that he wants to support her future plans, but encourages her to finish her education.