Off Limits

By Lauren Landish

March 29, 2016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5



She’s Daddy’s little girl, but I’ll make her a rebel.

They call me a killer — a felon. I spent five years in a medium security sh*thole.

I swore I’d stay out of trouble, but when I met Abby Rawlings, all bets were off. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her.

But Daddy dearest is standing in my way. He thinks I’m no good for her, and he’s declared her Off Limits.

Well, I don’t give a damn. In the end, I’ll make her mine…



I really enjoyed this book and the fast pace by which it flows. The summary is a bit deceiving because I found that Dane isn’t a troublemaker at all, even though his history seems to paint a different story.

Dane and Abby may meet under less than opportune circumstances, but it quickly becomes evident that these two belong together. They click on every level and their love – though blossoming fast – rings true.

Dane is a gem of a guy, a true sweetheart, even though he has just been released after serving five years for a crime he committed during his time in the service. His family has disowned him and the community he has moved to (thanks to the generosity of his service buddy Chris) is convinced he is a traitor, so he runs into road blocks all along the way, from finding a job to dating Abby.

Abby is a Daddy’s girl who has never warmed completely to her stepmother. She is a senior in college yet her father and stepmom strong-arm her into not dating Dane and want her to stop being friends with her best friend, and her dad even drives her to and from class. Give Abby credit, though, she finally agrees to talk with Dane to hear his side of the story and follows her heart.

Supporting character Shawnie is a winner – hopefully there can be a follow-up story about her. Chris isn’t who he purportedly has led everyone to believe, and Abby’s dad and stepmother end up coming around.

This storyline offers twists and turns you don’t see coming. These twists and turns help carve out a deliciously suspenseful series of events where the resulting betrayals leave the reader sympathizing even more with Dane…and begging for a HEA with Abby. And boy!, is it ever a great HEA!


Favorite part?

Really enjoyed how noble Dane is through everything, and also how he plowed ahead to rescue Abby by going to her dad. The suspenseful twists were great – it was a well thought out storyline. Loved the HEA!