PRIDE: A Bad Boy and Amish Girl Romance (The Brody Bunch Book 1)

By Sienna Valentine

May 15, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Three brothers with a bad reputation and three Amish girls. What could possibly go wrong?
It all started when my brother Ash proposed a bet…

Just an innocent bet. Okay, well, maybe a bet to rob the three most virtuous girls in town of their purity isn’t exactly innocent itself, but there’s no way we could have known how it would all turn out. How much trouble it would bring.

But what the hell were an Amish girl and her sisters doing in the middle of Bright Falls, anyway? I mean, it seemed almost too easy. She was a sheep and I was the wolf, and it was time for me to feast.

I’m one of the Brody Bunch, after all. Middle brother of three with a reputation for being a bad ass that came from more than just the fact that my father ran the biggest MC around for years before landing himself in prison. Sarah is the complete opposite not only of me, but of everything I’ve ever known. She was supposed to just be a conquest, an easy one, even, given how innocent she was.

How the hell was I to know that getting involved with her would change my whole goddamn world?



I admit that I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to enjoy this story when I first started reading it (very slow-paced and the brothers seemed rather shallow), but it didn’t take long before I found myself engrossed in the relatable and easy-going style of storytelling that author Sienna Valentine seems to have.

The plot revolves around three young brothers whose dad was the president of an MC (now in prison) who decide – upon a dare challenged by the oldest brother, Ash – to see which one can bed one of three Amish sisters first. The oldest Amish sister, Hannah, has been in the “English” world for a while, but her two younger sisters, Sarah and Beth, have left home to experience Rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage for youths who have not yet committed themselves to the church as adults. Without offering spoilers, Sarah and Beth are indeed in town with their sister under the pretense of Rumspringa, but in a twist discovered later in the story, all is not how it may seem.

This particular story focuses on the middle siblings, Reid and Sarah. The relationship between these two evolves quickly, but as Valentine tells the story through the eyes of both characters, the reader quickly becomes entrenched in the emotional struggle each undergoes. Sarah finds herself coming to terms with the possibility that everything she grew up thinking and believing about her world may actually be false, and Reid discovers he is a much better person when he’s with Sarah. Reid is smitten from the moment he lays eyes on Sarah, and he is forced to search deep within himself to find ways to connect with her since the “English” world is so foreign to Sarah.

The book is wonderfully written and, once the initial introductions have been made and the three couples start interacting, the steady pace kept me anxiously turning the pages to find out what happened next. There wasn’t a deep, laborious plot, but instead this was really a sweet, feel-good story for me. I simply loved how Reid talked to Sarah, always calling her “darlin’” and he just really seemed to become a genuine guy, unlike how I originally thought he’s be.  I’m looking forward to reading about the other two couples and their HEAs.


The “huh?” part?

There wasn’t much mention made of Sarah losing her virginity and one might think that would be a more detailed scene. Of course, Reid would have handled it very well if his other actions about other topics is any indication. For someone who was supposedly a ladies man, Reid seemed like a pretty genuine and caring guy around Sarah. I actually found him rather sweet once the story got underway.


Favorite part?

I have to say I really liked Reid always calling Sarah “darlin’”. I also just really liked their pairing – they seem like a couple who can actually last.



This was a fun read and the book is well-written. It’s easy on the mind.