RUST: A Bad Boy Romance: Courage MC

By Kara Hart

June 15, 2016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



Some call me a prick. Others call me a criminal. Turns out I’m both.


Rust Blackwood is everything I was warned about and more. Everyone told me he was bad news. My own father, the boss of the Hell’s Wheels, didn’t do business with the man.

I should have listened. Rust is not the man to trust. He’s not the man I should get married to.

But I can’t stay away. The way he handles me. The way he grips his hands around my flesh. Even when he mutters those dirty words, I know should start running.

Rust is damaged goods. And I want him to claim every last bit of me.


There’s only one thing in this world I care more about than my crew, and that’s beautiful women.

But ending up with a woman like Jackie Matthews is not high up on my bucket list. She’s way too innocent and her family is well connected. But she’s one of the little guys. She’s too kind-hearted.

I should have let her alone. But when I have a taste from something sweet, chances are I’ll be back for more.

Someone should have warned her about a guy like me. Now she’s mine.



RUST is a fast-paced, action-packed MC romance with plenty of violence, drugs, displaced loyalty and rivalries. The format for RUST was a bit different from most of the MC books I’ve read – strong, smart and sassy heroine leader who can take charge of – and take on – biker guys, references to the MC as a ‘gang’ and not a ‘club’, and a hero who really wants his own woman with whom he can build a life – but it’s also a gripping story that keeps the reader turning the page to see what happens next. There is certainly no limit to fast-paced action scenes, and the reader needs to hold on tight to follow along. Author Kara Hart also blends in several intriguing twists and turns, as well as creative elements with the “drug chemist” and surprise arrivals at the final showdown, to keep the story original and the reader guessing.

Rust may not have been instantly attracted to Jackie when his best friend Johnny tried to make the moves on her, but before long, these two were making eyes at one another and joining forces both horizontally and vertically. The relationship between Rust and Jackie rapidly takes on a life of its own and their feelings for one another quickly evolves into love, especially once Rust puts his plan into action and the two get hitched. I was sold on this, though, simply because Rust had the epiphany about realizing he had no family and nothing to really consider his own, as well as his very early comments about wanting to find a women with whom he could settle down. Once Rust realizes how meeting Jackie has transformed his life and the reader has the chance to glimpse flashbacks from his past and real parents, their feelings and subsequent HEA make more sense.

I provided this honest review in exchange for an ARC.


We kissed and separated, like all couples do. Only this was different. This was much different.

I walked out of the door, never looking back. I couldn’t. When you do that, you regret too many of your own choices and you start to doubt yourself. It sure as hell wasn’t the time for any doubt. I hopped on my bike and rode against the wind, against time, and most important, I rode against myself.

My whole life was a static image, reflected in the dusty desert. I had no family. Not a real one, at least. All I had was Jackie. Of course, she had transformed me forever. But all of the choices I had made before I met her had sucked the life out of me. They had dragged me into an endless loop of danger and self-hatred. Drugs, women, fun. It wasn’t fun at all. It was just a way to run away from the pain. 


I grabbed the bag and held it in my eyes. The white powder shimmered against the moonlight. Power. True power. Only, it was an illusion. What the chemical really contained was the absolute opposite of power. You became dependent on the shit. Slavery is what it was. True slavery. It was the snake in the grass, ready to feed.


The “huh?” part?

I was somewhat surprised that no further mention was made of the man who identified himself to Rust as his real father. In addition, some of the conversations and exchanges between Rust and Jackie were assumptive, such as when Jackie tells Rust she wants him “pounding her harder than ever before” and they had only screwed once, and then Rust starts talking about the two of them starting a family like (he) “I know you have always wanted”, yet they had never really discussed that. Eventually their conversations do sway in that direction and they pursue that lifestyle, but it hadn’t really been a topic of focus prior. I’m also not convinced they would become filthy rich farmers, but it’s a creative HEA for a couple granted leave from the MC lifestyle.



I recommend RUST if you enjoy reading action-packed and fast-paced MC stories. Rust and Jackie are both strong characters.