Sanctum: A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel (Black Dogs MC Book 1)

By Sienna Valentine

May 15, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



With half his body in shadow, he looked like a mythic hero, cut in high contrast and larger than life…


This MC took me in when no one else would. It was the only real family I’ve ever known. Her asking me to leave was bullshit, but then disappearing without even saying goodbye was so much worse.

I was done with Maggie then. I never wanted to see her face again.

Five years. Five years of anger, pain and regret. Five years to move on and forget.

And five seconds to get sucked back in.


I have no right coming back here. No right asking for help. Not after the way I left everything – the way I left Jase.

But what choice do I have? I’m dead if I don’t.

I’ve made so many bad choices in my life. Caused so much pain. Maybe I deserve what’s coming to me. What right do I have putting Jase, my father, and the whole MC in danger just to help me?

The MC is Jase’s sanctum, and I may not deserve it, but I’m praying that it can now become mine.



Once again, Sienna Valentine proves herself as a great storyteller. I’ve come to expect a steady-paced, well-written book with well-developed characters and a plot that weaves together a few twists and turns that are all tied up seamlessly by the end of the story. Sanctum is no exception.

Maggie, the MC president’s daughter, is a pot-smoking, tough-as-nails woman who left town five years ago – leaving behind the love of her life, Jase, because her dad apparently didn’t approve of the two of them and Jase wouldn’t leave town with her to start over together – and she ends up getting involved with some bad dudes in the town she moved to. She returns to her dad for help when her low-life ex starts beating her and wants to force her into prostitution. I found myself truly disliking Maggie – but this is because Valentine has created her character really well. Jase is a guy who has had his heart broken by Maggie, but he’s forced to watch over her as a protector by her dad because “Jase, you’re my best guy”. Jase gets past his anger at Maggie pretty quickly after she’s nearly killed, and they eventually kiss and make up…only for Maggie to be kidnapped. The twist at the end was unexpected and well-executed.

Even though I never quite understood why Maggie felt forced to leave town five years ago, this story offered action, well-developed characters, wrenching emotions, chemistry that sizzles, and a well-constructed plot. Now I’m looking forward to reading about Ghost and Will and learning their stories.


The “huh?” part?

I didn’t completely understand or buy into why Maggie left town in the first place. Jase got the short end of the deal on that one.



Favorite part?

The scene when they admit they still love one another and never stopped loving one another was probably my favorite.


Yes, and simply because Sienna Valentine’s writing and storytelling is so easy to read.