The Law of Attraction

By Jay Northcote

April 25, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



When a professional relationship turns personal, it’s impossible to resist the law of attraction.

Alec Rowland is a high-flying lawyer in a London firm whose career is his life. He doesn’t have time for relationships and his sexuality is a closely guarded secret. After picking up a cute guy on a Friday night, Alec’s world is rocked to its foundations when his one night stand shows up in the office on Monday morning—as the new temp on his team.

Ed Piper is desperate to prove himself in his new job. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by a crush on his boss. It’s hard to ignore the attraction he feels, even though Alec’s a difficult bastard to work for.

Both men strive to maintain a professional relationship, but tempers fray, passions ignite, and soon they’re both falling hard and fast. If they are ever going to find a way to be together, Alec needs to be honest about who he really is because Ed won’t go back in the closet for anyone.



I loved this book! Brilliantly written by Jay Northcote. Lead character Alec Rowland is a workaholic lawyer aiming to make partner in his legal firm. For years, he has led people to believe he has a girlfriend (Belinda), but he’s really gay, a secret he’s held close to the chest since his father beat scars into his hide with a belt when he was discovered having relations with another boy during his high school years. Ed Piper is the younger man Alec picks up in a bar one Friday night and the two end up having a steamy one-night stand. Even though Alec boots Ed out the following morning, both men continue to think about the other throughout the weekend. Come Monday morning, the two come face-to-face again when it turns out that Ed is the new temp working on a big case with Alec at his law firm.

Alec and Ed can’t stop thinking about one another. Alec has never been in a serious relationship before and these lingering feelings are new to him, but he’s afraid of coming out and jeopardizing his career. He suggests partaking in “one more night”, but Ed turns him down because he’s not willing to have a secret relationship. They fight their mutual attraction in the office – and Alec goes so far as to overload Ed with work to try to make him screw up – but a business trip to Edinburgh offers the opportunity for them to fully explore their feelings, even though Alec insists things go back to status quo when they return to London. That is, until Alec decides to spring that he’s gay on his parents after his brother confides in him that he’s really happy with his girlfriend and announces that he’s getting married because she’s pregnant.

Their relationship evolves in a realistic and believable way – not an overt amount of angst like so many stories – and Alec and Ed are compatible both in and out of the bedroom. Both Alec and Ed are relatable (they support one another as friends, there is humor) and likable, and their romance and friendship builds up so sweetly, especially once Alec makes the decision to admit he’s gay and ask Ed for a second chance. Their sex scenes were steamy and actually had substance (they talked to one another, there was tenderness and heat), from the first one to the last. The story played out so seamlessly and the HEA was so nicely done. It was definitely an enjoyable read – this is one book that I would actually want to read again!


Favorite part?

I loved this couple – loved the sexual tension, chemistry and compatibility, and it was such an easy read. The scenes when Alec admits to Ed that he wants to come out and have a relationship with him were so well written. It took a while for Alec to reach that point, but he realized that what he has with Ed is worth pursuing. The final chapter when Alec makes partner and also admits his relationship with Ed to his colleagues was also very well done. The HEA was perfect in my book, and I was so glad there wasn’t a lot of melodrama and angst.



Most definitely.