The Profiteer: A Contemporary Romance

By Evan Asher

March 29, 2016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5



At first, Kelly Davis can’t believe Hudson Industries is coming to her small town of Cedar Grove. But the rumors are true. Luke Hudson, roguish son of billionaire Crawford Hudson, has invaded her little city with his infuriating swagger and a profiteering style that could change her beloved community forever.

Luke Hudson doesn’t only have his eye on Cedar Grove, though. Kelly has also caught his attention. And it doesn’t bother him one bit that she already has a fiancé. Luke Hudson is a man who thrives on competition, business and otherwise.

Before he moves on, he’ll turn Kelly’s safe, predictable life upside down.



Kelly and Luke sizzle from the moment they end up in the same diner – you just know they are going to connect and start hoping it’s sooner rather than later. As the story evolves, a heartfelt relationship kindles between Kelly and Luke, even though neither realizes the true extent of their feelings. It’s also easy to dislike her current beau and doesn’t take long to start asking why she ended up with him in the first place, other than that he was there in the same town.

Evan Asher is an engaging storyteller and his vivid character development moves the story along. He pens a book that you won’t want to put down until it’s done. The plot is a simple one, but the author does a realistic job of building logical tensions between members of the community and eventually diffusing these conflicts. He also builds a steep climb for Kelly and Luke to arrive at a HEA, and the reader isn’t convinced until the very end whether or not it will even happen.

This book promises good writing and editing with strong character development, magnetic chemistry between Kelly and Luke, and satisfying – even though predictable – romance.


Favorite part?

“This doesn’t change anything between us, though,” she said primly, cringing a bit at the way her words sounded. She hurried to add, “I mean, I’m still in a relationship.”

“Not much of one, judging by the way you kissed me.”

“Hey! I’ve been with Curtis since I was seventeen. We’re in love.”

Annoyingly, Luke looked cool as a fresh breeze. “I don’t think so,” he said calmly.



Most definitely.