Ties that Bind

By Reese Patton

June 23, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



No last names. No strings. No promises.

Connie Nazario is the heir to the family “business” and doesn’t have time for anything more than a one night stand. He can’t afford a relationship and he certainly can’t afford to fall in love. Not if it means bringing someone he cares about into his dark world of crime.

And then he finds Greer. She’s different from all the other women at the night club —elegant, refined, and out of her element. He decides he wants her, even if it can only be for one night. She’s not meant for his world and deserves someone better than a crew boss in the mob.

But fate has other plans for him. One night of passion has an unintended consequence — an unplanned pregnancy. Can Connie find a way to bring Greer safely into his world or will it destroy the woman he’s falling in love with?



What starts off as a one-time VIP room bounce-in-the-booth eventually segues into a more complicated situation. As with any good dark romance featuring the mob and a bold sexy alpha hero, Ties that Bind doesn’t disappoint with its combination of criminal activity, secrets, jealousy, rage, suspense, terror, strong family bonds and passion.

The story flow was logical and seemed to progress along at the right pace. The characters were interesting and relatable, and the plot allowed sufficient opportunity to establish familiarity with their personalities and emotions. Even though there was suspense, the element of surprise wasn’t there (i.e. Mattie is the kidnapper and someone besides Greer announces her pregnancy to Connie), but it actually helps the reader enjoy the story progression and not worry about guessing the who-done-it. Mattie is a madman and moving right along with his plans to torture Greer. Will Connie make it in time to rescue her?

Nicky, Connie’s friend since childhood and current club manager, was a pleasant surprise. (Maybe there can be a sequel pairing Nicky and Hilary? It’s not hard imagining this couple igniting a few colorful fireworks both in and out of the bedroom!) His kindness towards Greer was unexpected, and his loyalty to Connie was admirable, as evidenced by his admission to Uncle Vince about the ‘situation’ between Connie and Greer.

I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Note there are a fair number of spelling and incorrect word errors (at least in the ARC), but the story is interesting and easy enough to follow that it doesn’t become overly distracting.


Greer fit perfectly against me, the top of her head hitting just above my shoulder and her slight body molding against mine as if she belonged there. But she didn’t belong in my f*cking life. I was only going to get one chance with perfection and then I would have to let it go.


The “huh?” part?

Maybe not so much a “huh?” as an “aww, shucks” – they never admitted to one another that they were in love.


Favorite part?

The scene when Connie and Nicky arrived at the apartment door of the auditor who needed to be disposed of, only to learn it was Greer. This set the continuing story into motion. From there, it was hard not to develop a crush on Connie. Not only is he sex-on-a-stick, but he only has eyes for his woman, is good in bed, and he will move heaven and earth to protect Greer and do anything for her, as evidenced by his willingness to go along with her “pregnancy brain” forgetfulness in the final chapter. Nicky’s answer for Connie when asked what he (Nicky) had told his Uncle Vince about Greer was pretty special.