Whiskey Neat

By Lani Lynn Vale

March 29, 2016

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



Griffin Storm wasn’t prone to violence, but when someone takes what Griffin holds dear, the world as he knows it is gone.

Retaliation, revenge and rage fuels him. His MC, The Uncertain Saint’s, do their best to offer support, but Griffin is beyond redemption. He’ll do what he has to do. Kill who he has to kill.

He doesn’t care if that means he dies. If it gets him what he wants, then it’s worth it.

He fakes it all until the night he walks into a sex shop for batteries and lays eyes on a woman that will change his life.

Lenore makes him think past tomorrow. Makes him want to see just what the future might bring.

But his life’s a dangerous one built around pain and deception, and not for the faint of heart.

He won’t give up the past, not until he’s done what he promised to do.

And if that means she’s not there when the dust settles, he’ll risk it.

Lenore, though, won’t give up on him. She’ll fix him, whether he wants her to or not.



Griffin and Lenore. It’s originally not an obvious coupling, but as the story builds, you find yourself buying into it and looking forward to their HEA. He is pretty direct and to the point – he’s a man of few words. Griffin’s heartbreak is obvious throughout the book – the murder of his son has broken him. He may not have survived if it wasn’t for meeting Lenore, and his ever-growing love for her is refreshing. Their scorching sex scenes sizzle, but it’s more than physical; they truly connect on an emotional level that would leave any woman envious. Griffin has demons to slay, but they’re no match for Lenore’s tenacity, sass and drive.

Lenore is a very sweet person and one can’t help but like her. She’s the type of person who hasn’t had life the easiest, a fact the reader learns more and more about as the story unfolds. And she’s certainly not the type of gal one would peg as the owner of a sex toy shop!, but good for her in finding a profitable niche business in small-town USA.

There are a few twists, turns and surprises throughout the fast-paced storyline, but they eventually contribute to a memorable and satisfying HEA.

Lani Lynn Vale is a great writer – she can keep me turning the pages and staying up way past my bedtime. I just keep wanting to know what happens next, and her work is so easy to keep reading and reading….


The “huh?” part:

I was a bit confused how he ended up in Lenore’s bedroom the first time. I also couldn’t understand why Lenore wasn’t a bit freaked out by it. I also would never have guessed that he had a thing for Lenore from the moment he laid eyes on her – that didn’t hit me until he said so later in the book.


Favorite part?

Griffin’s true love for Lenore really struck a chord. He may be a violent alpha male, but he sure has a sweet spot for his woman. And the man oozes sex appeal. Sigh. When he realizes if it hadn’t been for leaving his ex-wife, he never would have met Lenore and that he’s wrong in being jealous of Remy because Lenore really does love him (Griffin), you realize there’s a lot to this guy.