Wild, Wicked and Wanton: A Hot Historical Romance Bundle

By Natasha Blackthorne

April 11, 2016

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



Grey’s Lady
She wanted just one naughty carriage ride…

Beth McConnell has a secret. Sometimes in the afternoons, she escapes the drudgery of her family’s shop and seduces wealthy gentlemen. One encounter is all Beth allows. She must leave them burning.

When she boldly seduces Grey Sexton, a powerful shipping magnate, Beth finds his ice-over-fire combination of ironclad self-control and sensual indulgence too tempting to resist. Surely, one or two more clandestine trysts wouldn’t hurt?

But Grey Sexton demands more. His possessive determination to own her, body and soul, threatens to expose her erotic life. To give into his demands means losing her good name and her place in her brother’s home…everything she holds dear. She must turn away, for she knows that a poor girl can never afford to trust her heart to a gentleman.

White Lace and Promises
New York Merchant Prince Grey Sexton loves the audacious, spirited young temptress who seduced him in a Philadelphia bookseller’s and made passionate love to him in his carriage. Her fiery nature broke through his cold self-protection.

Beth McConnell loves her husband-to-be very much, yet she wonders if she will ever be able to present herself as the respectable lady he needs for his wife.

What started out as a secret, tumultuous affair has blossomed into something neither of them can live without. But under the strains created by the differences in their social rank, they begin to have serious doubts about the future. And dark secrets from their past threaten to tear them apart.

Can their love prevail?

Alex’s Angel
In the wake of a devastating epidemic, sheltered Emily Eliot finds herself alone, making her own decisions for the first time. When desperation leads her to sell her virtue, she walks straight into trouble.

Enter one gorgeous, golden haired gentleman bent on protecting her.

Alexander Dalton came to the Blue Duck Tavern seeking to lose himself in sexual pleasure. But when he saw the delicate and vulnerable young woman, he couldn’t turn away.

Emily is alarmed by her own intense responses as this charismatic and carnal man introduces her to erotic pleasure. Having lived as a virtual prisoner of her grandmother’s suffocating manipulation, Emily bridles under Alex’s possessive, protectiveness. And Alex’s charming smile hides a dark secret that could destroy their chance at happiness.

Emily’s Seduction

Love is the most seductive sacrifice of all. Before he can share his deepest, darkest secrets with her, he has to show her what seduction truly means.

For the first time in a long time, Alex is genuinely happy. He’s found a woman he can love. Now he wants only to enjoy his life. But the past won’t let him go. His dark secrets threaten to engulf him. Yet how can he tell his innocent fiancée about the horrific things he’s experienced?

Emily finds herself locked in a battle with the darkness that appears to hold Alex captive. As he reveals more of his inner torment, as he seduces her into carnal decadence, she wonders who this man is that she’s so desperately in love with.

Can their love survive this intense journey of erotic exploration, shocking revelations and unsettling discoveries?



First off, I enjoyed reading Alex’s Angel and then scanning through Emily’s Seduction. Alex’s Angel read seamlessly and it held my interest.  Alex and Emily are an enchanting couple, even though Alex struggles with his past and the demons it rages forth, and Emily tries to figure out who she is supposed to be. These two click, plain and simple, and the reader simply wants Alex to wise up and marry the girl already. Their chemistry makes the love scenes even more erotic and seductive.

Grey and Beth have a spontaneously combustible relationship, and even though the story started out exceedingly slow and laborious, by the end it all came together and clicked. Their battle of wills became somewhat exhausting and it was surprising that Grey was able to tolerate her long enough to make it all work!

There was a lot of repetition in the love scenes – almost too much play on the same words and phrases and that became tiresome and lost its zest. There were also a fair number of grammatical and proofreading errors that became rather distracting. I would have also started the series with Alex and Emily, since in that series, Beth is a child. In Grey’s Lady and White Lace and Promises, Beth is an adult.

These are tolerable reads if you really thoroughly enjoy historical erotic romances, yet I might have enjoyed them more if there wasn’t so much repetition. The story plots are there and could have been built upon a bit more extensively in lieu of the repetition. I did really like Grey and Alex; the ladies seemed to have a few too many whining-type issues, but it was probably realistic considering the time period.


Favorite part?
When the guy finally figures out he loves the dame and decides to marry her (both couples).



Yes, if you like historical erotic romances, then you will likely enjoy this compilation.