Bastian: A Secret Baby Romance

By Lauren Landish

April 13, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



He wanted my body. I wanted his baby.

When my father died after a horrific car crash, my mother remarried a filthy rich billionaire by the name of Donald Witherspoon.

Little did I know that this union would come along with a hot-as-hell stepbrother that would become the bane of my existence. He constantly walks around the Witherspoon estate with no shirt on, showing off his washboard abs and well-defined muscles. It’s all a game to torment me, you see.

He knows that I want him. After all, why else would he bring girls home night after night so that I can hear them scream his name?

I knew that if I was to make him mine, I’d have to give him something very special…something that would make him mine…forever.



I was pleasantly surprised that this book read much better than I originally anticipated. It was an easy and engrossing read. I was especially entranced by Sebastian’s reaction to Cassie’s condition and his willingness – and desire – to pursue a life with her. Sebastian, for as much as he epitomizes the playboy nature and lifestyle, expresses a lot more heart and depth than expected – and the author’s storytelling ability pulls it off as believable. There was none of the overextended drama that often lines the pages of similar storylines. Sebastian and Cassie turned what could have been just “all-about-the-hookup” into a chemically charged relationship built on love and not just lust. Once again, Landish does a great job of creating characters the reader cares about and developing a believable and not over-the-top storyline.


Favorite part?

I was mesmerized by Sebastian’s reaction to finding out that Cassie was pregnant. Wow. When the two of them came home from their weekend away to confront their parents after the media posted pictures of them together, seeing how Sebastian and Cassie calmly stood by one another, shared their feelings and then he presented her with a ring, was swoon-worthy.


Yes, it’s a happy read – it leaves the reader feeling hopeful.