Biscotti Baby (Plus Size Romance Series)

By Lynn Cooper

April 18, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Teagan Byers is an out-of-work interior designer, wanting to be an actress. When she sets her sights on the lead role in Brock Wolfram’s latest production of Romeo and Juliet, she isn’t expecting the director’s brand of gruffness. Or, his distaste for her acting methods. Or, the undeniable sparks of desire arcing between them.

Brock isn’t expecting a curvy, spunky spitfire whose temper matches his. He’s accustomed to men cringing and women crying beneath his well-delivered scowls. Not Teagan. Every emotional barrier he erects, she breaks down. But he doesn’t trust her; he doesn’t trust any woman. No matter how tempting Teagan is, he won’t let her worm her way into his life and most definitely not into his heart.


Teagan Byers, an interior designer actress-wannabe, is set on winning the part of Juliette in a local community theater presentation, but she’s set on modernizing the script. When she auditions using present-day language, Brock Wolfram, the attractive director of Tribune Little Theater, flatly turns her down for the part. Even though Teagan is attracted to Brock, she is hurt to be cast aside and refuses his offer to help with behind-the-scenes jobs. Brock finds he cannot stop thinking about her, but because of something that happened in his past, he refuses to let his heart fall for another woman. The reason he swore himself to celibacy for the past five years and is no longer a pleasant and likeable guy is teased along for the first half or so of the book. Brock finally admits his feelings and attraction for Teagan and she coaxes out the story of his past. She agrees to help with the scenery and behind-the-scenes preparations and, after working together for several weeks, they finally admit they love one another. The night of the show and in front of the critic who can make or break Brock’s future, Teagan is Brock’s only available backup to play the role of Juliette. Can he – or should he – trust her to come through for him when he needs her the most?

I found Biscotti Baby to be an enjoyable read. Lynn Cooper is a superb storyteller. Her story concepts are always entertaining and fast-paced with good flow, and this one was no exception. Brock and Teagan were both well-developed characters, and it’s hard not to enjoy her sassiness and his confusion and torment at figuring out what to do about his feelings. Grady, one of the two secondary characters who had known Brock and Teagan independent of one another, was solid and added another layer of depth to understanding Brock.  The plus-size curvy component is refreshing, and the love scenes were realistic with just the right amount of spice for the story. It’s certainly a story that leaves you with a smile on your face.


Favorite part?

When Brock and Teagan finally admitted their love for one another and consummated their union in such a warm, endearing way. It was sweet and not over-the-top like so many love scenes can be.



Sure. It’s a feel-good story. I read it over the course of an hour while I walked four miles on an indoor track. It was a great distraction.