Cotton: Satan’s Fury MC

By L. Wilder

April 18, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



He thought he had it all figured out….


Becoming President of the Satan’s Fury MC was a bittersweet moment for Cotton. When his Uncle Saul died, he passed the gavel down to him, and while Cotton took his death hard, he immediately assumed the role with pride. He considered leading his brothers an honor, and the MC quickly became his main focus… until the day Cassidy walked into his bar and became a distraction he could not deny. She captivated him in a way no other woman ever had. He tried to resist her–to keep his walls up–but her pull was too strong. All it took was one night of passion, and he knew he’d never be able to get enough of her.

He thought he had it all figured out. He thought he could let his walls down and have it all…until his past suddenly came crashing into his future.


When Cassidy walked into a room, all eyes were immediately drawn to her. She exuded a beauty and youthful energy that lit a spark in everyone she met. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and was willing to wait for it. The minute she met Cotton, she was drawn to him. He was older, more mature, and so good-looking he took her breath away. Where most people only saw a hardened MC President, she saw a man who lived his life with strength and determination, filled with an unwavering sense of loyalty, and who had earned the admiration and respect of his brothers. She longed for Cotton, to be close to him. So when he began to let her in, she didn’t hesitate.

She wanted him–all of him. In his arms, she felt safe and protected. She trusted him with her heart… until he broke it, nearly destroying her in the process.

Can she ever learn to trust him again?



The prologue did an excellent job of framing the story and positioning the reader to dive in ready to roll. Wilder does an amazing job once again of developing the characters. As one reviewer put it, “Her strong, sexy, loyal, and great badass biker men are ones for wet dreams,” and I agree. Cotton may be a badass, but noble seems to be his trademark quality ever since he helped provide for his family after his father died when he was 14, saved a daughter of one of the MC brothers from being raped, and now looking after Satan’s Fury as its President. I was reduced to a pool of goo after reading about his feelings for Cassidy, from regretting never dancing with her to pledging to spend the rest of his days making up his mistakes to her. Cassidy is a strong-willed woman who loves her man, but is conflicted about forgiving him or not. (Of course, she should!, even though Cotton falls prey to the man affliction of “I’m doing this to protect you” illness.) This story focuses primarily on the relationship between Cotton and Cassidy and its various dips and turns, but the long-standing discord between Cotton and his cousin Derek comes full circle, almost taking Cotton’s life and then putting Cassidy in danger. The sub-plot with Clutch made my heart hurt, but now I’m definitely anxious to read his story.

This did seem to be a rather tame MC story, especially considering Cotton is the President and Derek was so evil, but for me it was well written and flowed logically. The love scenes were hot and tender, and when Cotton enlisted his brothers to fill her apartment with flowers? It just added another layer to Cotton and validated that he had indeed realized some hard truths about what counts. The epilogue was so sweet – I can definitely see these two as superb parents and Cotton as a really good dad.


The “huh?” part?

Sara. Yes, she had a history with him, but if I was Cass, I wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did. Cotton really didn’t handle that situation very well. Just sayin’.


Favorite part?

Cotton having one bouquet of roses waiting outside Cassidy’s door, but when she unlocked her door and entered her apartment, it was filled with bouquets of roses.  My other favorite part was the scene when Cotton walked in to find Cassidy sleeping in Clutch’s arms and the two of them facing off about Clutch’s feelings. Subsequently, when Cass read the letter Clutch wrote to her admitting his feelings and Cotton admitting to her that he knew about it. Even though this was really a sidebar (Clutch), it was very well done and it makes me anxious to read his story.