Given Up on Love

By Christina Gallo

April 18, 2016


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars



Determined not to be abused again by her boyfriend, Natalia Greco abandons New York to start over in a quiet little town in Maryland. In her heart, she has given up on love, cause love’s given up on her. Things get complicated when she discovers the beautiful little cottage she plans to call her home already had a resident.

The moment Jackson O’Malley found the beautiful Natalia Greco taking a bath in his bathtub, he knew he was a goner. Will he be able to claim her and take her places she refuses to visit or will Natalia be able to resist the handsome Jackson O’Malley?



The teaser for the story had me anxious to read this one. I probably got about 100 pages in and then gave up. Simply put, the grammar and editing was horrible – nonexistent if I had my guess – and the story offered too much repetition (give up on the snowball fight already) and it was written at about a sixth grade level…maybe. Natalia seemed to be a complete dimwit and Jackson seemed just a tad bit overzealous…he may find her stunningly attractive, but his actions seemed almost cartoonish. I didn’t sense actual chemistry coming through in the writing – friendship yes, chemistry no. Then when I skipped ahead to read the love scenes, the language (book copy) didn’t appear natural or to flow – perhaps too much emphasis on a thesaurus or “how to write sex scenes” book. Again, the concept is there and I’d say with some very extensive editing/rewriting and proofreading, it could be alright.