Second Chances

By KC Ann Wright

April 13, 2016


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



Finding true love can be the greatest gift. Losing that love can be devastating. Letting someone new in for a second chance at love takes courage.

After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Alexis moves to South Carolina to build a camp for kids in her late husband’s memory.

When she unexpectedly meets Nicholas Bove, the gorgeous, billionaire father of her favorite art student, Alexis tries to fight her immediate attraction to him. She’s not sure if there is room in her heart for a second man.

Nick doesn’t trust women, but he’s unable to walk away from the one trying to push him away. Nick is used to getting what he wants. He won’t take no for an answer.

Unwanted people from their pasts cause doubt and fear, forcing each of them to question the strength of their relationship.

Alexis runs straight into the arms of danger, but can she survive the truth of her past? Or, does she even want to survive anymore?



The story is solid and well written, but complex and intense, especially as it reaches a crescendo towards the end – there is a lot going on, but KC Ann Wright does a good job of weaving it all together by the end. Characters are very well developed, which will become even more evident when the final twist surrounding her first husband’s death is revealed. It completely blindsided me – I typically can predict what’s coming, but this slant was brilliant. Second chances is the theme of the day for both Nick and Alexis. Nick harbors a lot of resentment against his first wife who left him alone with their young daughter so she could start over with someone even wealthier; Alexis’ first husband, her high school sweetheart, died in a tragic accident. Sparks ignite a passionate relationship between Nick and Alexis, but soon things start unraveling. Alexis dives back into her camp, which Nick’s young daughter attends. Tragedy strikes, but Alexis’ quick thinking not only saves Nick’s daughter, but eventually herself even though she is severely injured. Readers will be rewarded with a very satisfying HEA.


Favorite part?

The culmination of the kidnapping scene with the admission of truth around Matt’s death and eventual rescue and hospital scenes between Nick and Lex.



Definitely. It’s an intense and engrossing read with a well-developed plot and characters.